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“Define. Design. Deliver.”

Design in Motion is a website and graphic design studio owned and operated by Howard Gelmich. Howard is a client centered graphic and interface designer with over 25 years of marketing and advertising experience including 12 years of experience in website, video and graphic design work.



Based on our experience and our commitment to keeping current on the latest design and technology trends we have developed expertise in strategic planning, writing, design, project management and digital technology.



Our commitment is to our clients. All of our knowledge, drive and passion is directed toward achieving our client’s objectives as cost effectively as possible. Delivering your message to your audience in just the right way.



Our passion is to gain a detailed understanding our clients’ needs, objectives and market and then to develop a strategy and a product that achieves their communications goals in the most cost-effective possible way.



Design in Motion is a forward looking agency embracing cutting edge advancements in HTML, Java Script, CSS and video to create rich interactive media experiences that are effective across viewing platforms.


“Be practical but don’t be ordinary.”

Specializing in websites, graphic design and video production, Design in Motion offers a full range of creative and technical services to develop innovative websites and promotional assets that will engage and motivate your audience.

Strategic Planning

The most important phase of any project is planning. Whether you need a logo or a website, we start the process by gaining a clear understanding of your organization, your objectives and your market.

Responsive Website Design – HTML and WordPress

We develop responsive interfaces that transition seamlessly across platforms and our websites are crafted with just the right amount of interactivity to engage your audience while still optimizing usability and functionality.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We build SEO elements right into the structure of our websites, including keywords and phrases, page title and file name optimization, and SEO friendly headings.

Logo and Print Design

A well defined logo presents the essence of your organization to the world. We ensure that your logo is meaningful, memorable and functional and that your business card, letterhead and website all work in harmony.

Video Production

Video is becoming increasingly popular for the web. We write scripts and provide production management services and we edit and optimize video for use on the internet as well as traditional broadcast mediums.

Content Development/Management Services

We offer professional research and writing services for website, video, proposal, advertising and print projects as well as on-time web content management services.


“Clear. Clean. Creative.”

Our work delivers your message quickly and effectively.

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“We do the heavy lifting.”

Our clients concentrate on their businesses while we do the hard work of delivering their communications objectives through amazing websites, logos, print and video.

October 2015

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“First define your objectives – everything else will follow.”

We create our websites, logos and videos through structured processes that involve our clients’ input and are based on our clients’ marketing and communications objectives.

Our website design process…

Our website design process demonstrates the kind of structure and considerations that are involved in every project that we do from print materials to logos to videos.


Consultation is crucial to the success of any project.

With a clear understanding of your business and market we are able to determine the best layout, content, navigation, technical requirements, colors and other aspects of your website that will serve to achieve your objectives.


We are now able to envision a design that will attract and hold your customers, encourage them to buy and enable you to stand above your competition.

A wireframe showing your website’s structure is prepared along with details of how the site will look and function.


At this stage, we get creative by first preparing a more detailed layout of your site with colors, sample images and text.

Then we begin the exciting work of preparing images, video, text optimized for search engines like Google, and all the other content for your site.


It’s time to build the website. We ensure that essential Search Engine Optimization (SEO) elements are built in to the fabric of the website. This gives you a solid foundation for all future SEO activities.


The production process goes though cycles of testing and client feedback.

We are finally ready to launch the site and deliver your message to your target audience and accomplish your business goals.



Howard Gelmich



Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada